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Nightshake is an international duo based in Germany. Composed of Teneja Skrget (SL) and Rick Derman (USA) they now have their sights set on Middle Eastern venues! Teneja is a classically trained singer and plays her acoustic guitar in all popular styles. She is also an in demand performer in her region of Germany.  Rick is a lead vocalist and versatile electric guitarist with over 1200 concerts to his credit and whose American musical roots are very apparent.


Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet... sometimes rocking, sometimes gentle...

Whether it be pop, rock, blues, country or soul, Nightshake always gives an inspired performance.

With a colorful mix of songs from the last 6 decades, they will delight the guests at your event! Teneja and Rick feel at home on many stages and occasions.

Whether at birthdays, hotels, festivals or company events, the diversity of their repertoire, musical styles and vocal harmony make them an ideal choice for your event.

Should there be subtle background music at a wedding or for hotel guests?

No problem. With their acoustic program, Nightshake can blend into the background in a very pure and natural way and adapt to the atmosphere.


Do you want rousing, danceable music for your company event to create a party feeling? Nighshake utilizes playback of drums, bass and/or keyboards of the highest quality, prerecorded by top studio musicians. This gives the very real impression of a 4 piece band from only 2 musicians. The dancefloor will soon be filled up! Their space requirement is quite manageable - an area of just 2-3 m² is sufficient.

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