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GUITAR LESSONS for beginner and intermediate level for folk, blues, country, pop and rock styles on electric or acoustic guitar. Also slide guitar and fingerpicking technique offered. Rick has recorded with band members from Joe Cocker, Meatloaf, Johnny Winter and Jefferson Starship.

VOICE LESSONS for beginner, intermediate and pro. Proper breathing, tone placement, holding pitch and dynamic performance on stage and in the studio are offered. Rick has studied with Don Lawrence (Mick Jagger, Bono) and Annette Goeres (Reamonn, Michael Jackson band).

SONGWRITING in all styles. Creation of melody, chords, lyrics, and song arrangement will be covered. How to come up with song ideas and hooks. Finding the right tempo and key for your composition. Creating a simple demo. Techniques for overcoming writer’s block and boosting creativity.

MUSIC PRODUCTION in all styles. The basic elements of assembling a home studio. Choosing your DAW, speakers, soundcard etc. Creating professional sounding demos. Detailed, user friendly instruction offered for Steinberg Cubase, EZ Drummer and more.


The History of Rock Music in the 60s and 70s (B1-C2)

This will tell the history and cultural significance of some of the most important rock artists and bands from that period. We will listen to their music and analyze their lyrics. The students should be able to express abstract ideas in English.


Conversational English (B1-B2)

This course will seek to increase the student's comfort level as they

speak English in various everyday situations. For example when shopping, going on vacation, meeting friends, at a doctor's appointment, etc.

Some written assignments will also be included.

Conversational English (C1)

At C1 level, students should be able to speak with ease in almost any setting without prior preparation. In this class we will discuss a wide variety of topics including current events, culture, literature, psychology and themes that relate to the participating student‘s lives, interests and jobs. The suggested course book is Macmillan In Company C1 (optional).

Business English (B1-C2)

The main emphasis will be on conversation, correspondence, grammar and vocabulary as applied to business settingss. Writing business letters, emailing, meeting protocol, teamwork and role playing will also be included. Macmillan „Business English Advanced“ would be a recommended course book (optional).

American Politics and Culture (B1-C2)

This course will concentrate on political and cultural life in the USA, be it historical or present day. Some topics will include political parties, the election process, social movements, social media, personal freedoms, systemic racism and inspirational leaders. It will also examine the lives and contributions of some of the most important American artists, musicians and writers. Students should be able to express abstract ideas in English.

All online lessons cost  35€ for per hour or 20€ for a half hour .

Course registration per email by

Will use Zoom, MS Teams or Whatsapp as video conferencing apps.

Payment with PayPal or bank transfer

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