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Dear visitor,

In 1972 I spent nine months in India. This experience made a strong and lasting impression on me.  In 1984 I wrote the song "India" in Connecticut and made a studio recording at that time. In 2014 I recorded a pop-rock version of the song n Berlin. A dance remix by drummer/producer Joe DiCarlo soon followed. Both versions of the song can be heard below.  There is also a   video script which can be provided upon request.  Depending on the budget, the video could be filmed in Germany or on location in India with local actors.

The song is written from a dual perspective. The verse is in the third person and in a minor key, reflecting the somewhat melancholy journey of the Traveler through India.  The chorus is written in the first person and in a major key, expressing the Composer's wish to return to India. Simply put, the verse describes an emotional dilemma and the chorus resolves it, sounding hopeful and joyful.

I am seeking a sponsor for this project. Someone with creativity and business acumen who could help me realize my artistic vision for the video production. When completed, the video would have commercial potential as an artist release. The music could also be licensed for use in film, TV and advertising. I believe the song will have universal appeal, for young and old,  and on every continent.

Thank you for visiting my „India“ page

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