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Fool For Love

Updated: May 12, 2022

Once my production deal in Connecticut came to an end, I had to go back to work at the computer store. Of course my passion and ambition for music did not end here, it was just temporarily put on hold.

My girlfriend at the time came from a wealthy New York family. Her father, George, was a high powered real estate magnate and a peer of Donald Trump. One of his properties was a huge music and film production facility in Astoria, Queens with a state of the art recording studio. Artists like Bob Dylan, Madonna and Billy Joel recorded their music and produced videos there. George had arranged for me to be offered a trainee position as assistant studio manager. Although the salary was small, the possibilites for learning and making industry contacts would be huge. Would I accept this once in a lifetime offer or would I once again follow my romantic nature and seek adventure overseas?

Well, after reading my previous blog you already know the answer! I quit my computer job and moved to Berlin, Germany. This was a bold and potentially risky move, considering that I had virtually no contacts there and spoke no German. Fortunately for me, the American troops were still stationed in Berlin at that time, and so American musicians were viewed in a favorable light. Things worked out rather well, and within months I was giving solo concerts and performing with my newly formed band, “The Cry”. In short, I was living my dream of being a professional musician: playing live rock n roll for excited audiences, and being paid to do it. I was even booked to play the farewell concert at the legendary Starlight Club in Berlin and performed for large crowds at the German-American Volksfest. This led to a live concert engagement with The Cry for Puls TV.

The Berlin wall had already fallen several years before I arrived in that city, and one could now easily pass in and out of the former East Berlin. One night I was visiting a night club in Pankow, a district in the East . There was a live band playing and I was really getting into it, when I suddenly spied the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen in my life! She was slender, with dark blond hair and delicate, angelic features: a perfectly formed aqualine nose, high cheekbones, delicate lips and crystal blue eyes. In short, a stunner! I was drawn to her like a moth to flame, mesmerized by her beauty. My German was not very good, but fortunately she spoke English. As I flirted with her, I had the feeling I was getting somewhere, when she suddenly said “I have to go”. Before I knew it, her girlfriend had collected her and they started to leave the club. I rushed after her and asked for her phone number, but her girlfriend literally pulled her through the door and they disappeared into the night.

That experience stayed with me for quite some time, and was the inspiration for my song “Fool For Love”. This is a real rockin’ track with a great live feel, bluesy melody and smokin’ guitars! It is the title track of my debut album and is available for sale at the Store.

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